Speedpaint Mega Set – The Army Painter

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Speedpaint Mega Set – The Army Painter
What could be better than a Speed Paint Starter Set – the Mega Speed Paint Set!

This set contains the entire new range of 23 Speed Paints, offering the dedicated wargamer an even wider colour palette.

Speed Paints are extremely versatile and will not only appeal to the busy wargamer who wants to spend less time at the hobby table and more at the gaming table, but also to the discerning amateur painter who wants to expand their arsenal of tools.

What is Speedpaint by Army Painter?
With Speedpaint it is possible to achieve good results with just one coat of paint. Simply apply a rich coat of Speedpaint directly to a primed miniature and you’re done! After just one application, Speedpaint gives the model intense shading, bright colours and a highlight effect. It flows beautifully over your miniatures and gives you more time to play!

This is the content of Speedpaint Mega Set
24 × 18 ml Speedpaint
1 × brush


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