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This set contains 97 Greek Roster Cards, including Phalanx Cards to be used to build your locos (warband). They can also be used as Greek Mercenaries or troops from any of the city-states.

The card types included are multiples of the following:

  • Heavy Lochagos (Leader)
  • Medium Lochagos (Leader)
  • Heavy Promochos (Hero)
  • Medium Promochos (hero)
  • Iatros (Healer)
  • Mantis (Seer)
  • Aoidos (Musician)
  • Heavy Experienced Hoplites (Spearmen)
  • Experienced Hoplites (Spearmen)
  • Heavy Hoplites (Spearmen)
  • Medium Peripoloi (Spearmen)
  • Light Peripoloi (Spearmen)
  • Toxotai (Archers)
  • Sphendonetai (Slingers)
  • Peltastai (Skirmishes)
  • Akontistai (Javelin)
  • Veteran Hoplite (Spearman)
  • Veteran Toxotes (Archer)
  • Heavy Hoplite (Spearman)
  • Medium Peripolos (Spearman)
  • Light Peripolos (Spearman)
  • Toxotes (Archer)
  • Sphendonetes (Slinger)
  • Peltast (Skirmisher)
  • Akontistes (Javelin)
  • Tropaion (Trophy)
  • Heavy Phalanx
  • Phalanx
  • Light Phalanx

There are enough cards in this set to easily make two forces. They are the same Roster Cards as in the Mortal Gods core box set.

You also need the rules, dice, action markers, miniatures and terrain to play.



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