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CLASH of Spears allows you to play raids and skirmishes in ancient times using small forces of 30 or more figures per side. This fast-paced game demands constant attention from all players as they alternate using their commanders to push units into battle. However, be careful not to drive your soldiers to exhaustion and plan every move since enemies are always ready to interrupt your actions and try to thwart your plans.

  • Hardcover
  • 156 Pages
  • This book includes all the rules needed to play the game as well as five encounter scenarios reflecting common types of engagements.
  • The book also includes lists for you to build forces for the different nations engaged at war between the fourth and second century BC in the Western Mediterranean:
    • Republican Romans
    • Carthaginians
    • Gauls
    • Ligurians
    • Samnites
    • Etruscans
    • Campanians
    • Iberians
    • Celtiberians
    • Lusitanians
    • Sicilian Greeks
    • Southern Italy Greeks
    • Numidians
    • Pyrrhic armies

Online you will find a detailed point system and details on how to use the rules to represent other armies from all antiquity and all the way to medieval times.

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