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Election day looms, and the young dominus Hostilius is standing as a candidate for the plebeian aediles. Hostilius has gained and cemented great support from the plebeian electorate by forcibly seizing control of bakeries and giving away bread to the masses.

Now Hostilius has his sights on the next bakery. Said to be the best in the Subura, this bakery is run by the famous freedman Eurysaces. Hostilius, therefore, dispatches his lieutenant Vermio to seize the bakery.

Hostilius’ plans, however, have been unearthed by a rival gang. Vermio’s sister, Bruttia, hates her brother with a violent passion, and—caring not for bread or politics—she determines she will ambush Vermio at the bakery and finish him off once and all.

These two gangs converge on the bakery at sunrise, just as a host of the Subura’s hungry citizens gather, enticed by the smell of Eurysaces’ famous bread…

This scenario box set for Gangs of Rome: Bread and Circuses contains everything you need to play this innovative tabletop skirmish game.  This starter scenario box set contains the following:

  • Gangs of Rome A4 Full Rulebook
  • Bread and Circuses scenario
  • 6 x Single piece fighters
  • 15 x Mob miniatures
  • 1 Eurysaces the Baker, Incola card and base
  • 6 x Named fighter cards
  • 16 x Equipment/Skill Coins and cards featuring four unique coins for this scenario
  • 6 x Activation pebbles (3 x 2 different colours)
  • 7 Roman numeral dice
  • 2 x MDF Movement rulers
  • 6 x Jigsaw Base
  • 3 x Mob Base
  • 6 x Sets of flesh tokens
  • 2 x sets of ID markers ( 1 – 3, two colours)
  • MDF Bakery scenery by Sarissa Precision
  • 9 x Objective tokens

Packed with all these Gangs of Rome essentials and exclusive content, Bread and Circuses is the perfect way to start or augment your collection. So take your fate in your hands, Dominus, and seize the city.

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