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28S-DMH-AO1 is a ‘28S’ 4Ground model kit, ‘28S’ means it is highly detailed with many pre-painted parts.  This is just one of many add-ons to this very popular range.

Just what every western town needs, somewhere to water you horse, somewhere to hitch your horse, some street signs and maybe a notice board to let you know what’s what in town. This kit includes a water butt (trough) with rail, two sign posts (one can be made up as a notice board) and ten horse rails (horse hitches). Simple to make and yet they add so much to the look of a western town gaming table.

We often see in western moves the horses tied (hitched) to the verandas and boardwalk rails outside the bars and saloons but this was not what usually happened.  Horses were hitched to rails placed a neck (horse’s neck length) from the broadwalks and boulevards so no nasty old nag could reach and bite passers by.  When a rider came in off the trail his horse would head directly for any water butt, so often a business owner would have a butt below the boardwalk just outside his business, along with a few horse hitch rails so customers could just hitch their horse and stroll on in.

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 4

1 x 28mm Horse Hitches and Road Signs

Product Code: 28S-DMH-AO1


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