Pillars of the Community I – A.W. Merrick, Jon Garret, Hugh Jarry



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Set of three metal civilian models to populate your town and get gunned down in the crossfire!. Models supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Darren Edwards, painted by Artmaster, based by GEG. Weight 80g for postage purposes. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.

A.W. Merrick is founder, owner, main reported and chief photographer of the Dead Man’s Hand Chronicle. He’s a little bit bumbling but his jolly nature and honest demeanour makes him popular and with no enemies. But men are often forced to take sides…

Hugh Jarry, Attorney and Dentist! As you know, dentists love to inflict pain and lawyers love to inflict misery and Jarry, despite being an oaf, ensures that he bootlicks the influential folk in town and exploits the rest. He’s a mean but cowardly piece of work.

Jon Garret, rich by name and a new arrival seeking to make his name and escape his father’s shadow. Just the type of fresh face to exploit but how much money and influence does he really have?

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