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28S-DMH-113 is a ‘28S’ 4Ground model kit, ‘28S’ means it is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

This corner building comes with sub base C and boardwalk decking enabling it to fit seamlessly along the boardwalk on ‘the corner of main’.  It comes with large shop windows and painted glass (acetate) to advertise Rogan’s trade, also included is signage and posters. The side door and front swing doors are all working pin hinged.

As an early settler when this town was still called a camp, Jim Rogan staked an ideal corner location for his bar.  Bars at this time were simple affairs without the adult entertainment to be found in saloons but in the right location they could still turn a coin. Unfortunately within two years Jim had died, found on the road 10 miles outside of town he had been shot 7 times (6 with point blank powder burns).  But if it was a rival bar or saloon owner who wanted Rogan’s bar gone they didn’t count on Cathie Rogan taking the bar on after her father’s murder.  Cat’ is still making good money and has plans to add a bunk rooms above her bar for passing travellers that are looking for a clean bed at a fair price, and if its beer, cards or whisky they want they know where to find it.

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 5

Includes: 1x 28S-DMH-113

Product Code: 28S-DMH-113

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