Skorylos, Noble of Thrake



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Skorylos looked down from the ridge upon the Athenians below he was impressed by how their Hoplites moved in a perfect line, shoulder to shoulder. Shields bright in the morning sun, their perfect line made them an easy target for his hit and run tactics.

Turning to his warriors, he raised his fearsome rhompaia in one hand to signal the attack. Thrakians were ferocious fighters blessed with a strength born from a harsh life. For all their infighting and insubordination both well-known traits of the men from Thrake, when commanded by Skorylos warriors did what he asked.

Armed with the fearsome Thrakian rhomphaia and wearing armour as befits his noble birth, when Skorylos commands Thrakians obey!

Pack contains one Mortal Gods Miniature. Made from white metal and is supplied with a 32mm round MDF base. May require assembly.



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