German view of the battlefield


For the RolePlayingConvention in Köln this summer I put together a big display board to show some of our new Ruined Buildings and some ‘older’ terrain pieces on one big gaming table.I set up a battle between some Germans defending a small village against a strong US force.

The following items from our ever growing range of highly detailed terrain pieces and accessoires have been used:
4 ruined buildings (to be released in october 2015)
1 sandbag emplacement
2 cobblestone wall sets
4 fence sets (rubble stones)
9 sets of cobblestone streets (1 crossroad, 1 T-Crossroad, 6 streets (2), 1 curves (4), 1 Endings (2)
1 Haywagon1 set of crates (10)
1 set of corn sacks (10)
1 set of barrels (11)

Like many visitors of this show I too took some pictures. This time I want to show you some pictures taken from the view of the small defending Germans.

In a few days I will upload the next 11 pictures from this battlefield – then with the view of the US boys.

NDC_1754NDC_1739NDC_1616NDC_1736NDC_1744 NDC_1725NDC_1745NDC_1750 NDC_1746NDC_1730

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