Painted Barbarian

Some weeks ago I’ve painted this barbarian. The basic miniature is a fantastic sculpt from Kevin White. I’ve ordered him for a group of adventurers for HeroQuest 25 (Yes, I’m still hoping to recieve the game sometimes).

Sadly the miniature is a bit smaller than expected and the realistic measured head looked way to small next to my already finished barbarians, mainly sculpted from Marc Copplestone (formerly Grenadier). So I decided to commit a sacrilege and swap the head of this fantastic miniature against one from Grenadier. I resculpted the hair and now I’m fine with the result I’ve got.

I also tried something new with the skin colours. I added a small amount of black to the shadows and to hint hairs on chest and arms for the first time. Normaly I use a dark brown but I am very pleased with better contrast and the somehow cooler skintones. It was a lot of fun to paint this miniature and I can only recomment the fantstic sculpt by Kevin White.

I hope you like him too.


DSCN3688 DSCN3689 DSCN3690 DSCN3691 H100 Tregar composite

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