Greek Hoplite Heads x 56




We are pleased to announce that we have retooled our Greek heads in plastic and added a few more variants to the frame.

There are now 28 heads per frame and 2 fames per pack giving you 56 hard plastic heads to adorn your Victrix Spartan, Theban, Athenian, Mercenary and Macedonian sets.

Due to them being plastic we have been able to separate the crests off on a lot of the heads so you can swap crest styles from head to head to create more variants. Helmet styles include, Corinthian, Attic, Illyrian, Chalcidian, Thracian, Pylos and Phrygian with a mix of crests including high stilted and transverse plus a very ornate double head crest.

These will add some great variety to Greek armies!

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