Legends of the West – Bill Larsson, Bob Brubaker, Natalie Love, José Murrieta



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Comes with bases and rules cards. Metal miniatures, supplied unpainted.

José “Diablo” Murrieta

From his birthplace of Sonora, Mexico, Murrieta travelled to California in ‘49 with his wife and family to seek his fortune. It is said his revenge was so swift and brutal following the massacre of his family at the hands of white prospectors jealous at his success, that newspaper stories and even a dime novel or two were written about these events. He fled with his brothers and mounted up with outlaws. There are whispers that Jose is the last living man of an infamous gang of horse rustlers that were hunted down by Texas Rangers.

Legend of the West – Bill Larsson

Bill Larsson, Bo Larsson, Lars Olafsson or Brendan O’Boyle, or whatever name he goes by now rode into town when it was founded years back during the initial days of the Black Hills gold rush. He comes and goes almost always drunk or imbibing opium in one of the seedier brothels in then skulking about seeking nefarious employment activities in his odd mix of local and Old World dialects. He absolutely hates snakes.

Natalie “Nate” Love

Born into a slave family, Love travelled to Dodge City following emancipation to work as a cattle drover then onto Arizona where she briefly partnered with Pat Garrett and Bill Masterson. Love, a veteran cowgirl and bandit fighter, now works cattle in the Dakota Territory.

“Dakota” Bob Brubaker

Too long in the tooth to rustle horses, Dakota Bob decided to settle down and do some respectable sheriffing. He still maintains a healthy pension, mostly managing some less than above the table gambling establishments and holding up the occasional stagecoach now and again, though that’s more of a hobby than a vocation these days.

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