The US view of the battlefield


For the RolePlayingConvention in Köln this summer I put together a big display board to show some of our new Ruined Buildings and some ‚older‘ terrain pieces on one big gaming table. I set up a battle between some Germans defending a small village against a strong US force.

As promised I show you the pictures taken from the view of the advancing US troops.



       NDC_1948           NDC_1946                NDC_1943           NDC_1942

NDC_1926        NDC_1935           NDC_1950                 NDC_1924           NDC_1930


In a few days we will start to preview the single ruined buildings and show you many pictures of the different sets.

We are proud to announce the highest detailed model kits in this scale to build the most realistic looking modern ruins on the market.

So please stay tuned.

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