Assembling the “Stone Wall Gate”



I thought it would be a good idea to add a small tutorial to assemble the Gate because it is a little bit tricky when you see all the loose components.

You’ll need:

– clippers
– file
– Super Glue
– 10 minutes of time


Step 1 and 2



In a first step use clippers to cut the plastic fence section into 2 pieces.

When you need a narrower gate cut shorter pieces.

After that I sanded the gate at the clipped areas using a small file.

Now comes a very important step. Take the small metal hulls, insert the paper clip and cut off the “head” thickening. It is important to cut while the wire is inside the hull to prevent it from being compressed.

The second important thing is that both hulls for the upper side of the Gate should be about 1 mm shorter than the others. Otherwise your Gate will sag because the wire angles have some play in the hulls.

Put the 4 shortened hulls onto the Gate endings. Make sure to shorten the Gate endings to about a third of length of the hulls and take some Super Glue to fix them to the Gates.

Now the most difficult part is managed *puuuh!*


Step 3


Bend the wire into 4 angles and cut them into the right length by checking the hulls.

It is important that they fit completely into the Gate hulls.

Glue them to the Gate hulls.


Step 4


Glue 4 hulls to the posts and let them dry completely.




Now you can assemble the Gates to the posts and your Stone Wall Gate is ready for painting.

If you have any question about this tutorial just send me an E-Mail.





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