New Website *Tadaaaah*


Welcome back!

After some month without any life sign from here we are.

We worked hard on our new Website but I think it was woth the effort. Everything is bright and shiny but we still have the same look and feel of the old Website. Furthermore the shop system is much more convenient and I took the time to add more and better product pictures.

One big improvement is that we now have 3 different blogs:

  • A Stronghold Terrain Blog covering news, picture galleries, tutorials …
  • Elmars well known “” Blog
  • And finally my personal “Sir Wennington” Blog

At the moment all of them are nearly empty but we will fill them with life in the next couple of weeks. We will rescue a lot from the old website and the Elladan website but we too will have some new stuff for you. So make sure to have a look from time to time.

Finally we have a new release for you. A animal set with 9 different animals for 8,90€:

Stay tuned,






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