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A samurai becomes ronin in several different ways: his master might die or fall from power, he may lose his master’s favour and patronage and be cast off to become a drifter or a wanderer.

This is what has happened to Akagi Kazuki, if these are his real names. Rumoured to have once been a famous swordsman, who, after defeating countless opponents using his favourite technique the swallow cut, was honoured as the chief weapons master of the Hosokawa clan north of Kyushu.

With the sudden and mysterious death of Lord Hosokawa, his fall from grace has been swift. A once great Kensei has now been cast out to become Ronin, a vagrant, a masterless warrior bringing death for all who will pay.

Sword and mind must be united. Technique by itself is insufficient, and spirit alone is not enough.

Pack contains one miniature.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Spears (if applicable) and 25mm MDF round bases supplied.

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