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The path to antiquity

After I was pretty much finished with one of my last projects, we met again for a cozy round Saga with Mirco in the Stronghold hut. While talking, playing and drinking beer, the conversation came up with a new system that Mirco had included in its range, “Mortal Gods”. I had already seen a few […]

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Congo: Monsieur Uegenier’s path to dark Africa

With the new release of the “Congo” system from “Studio Tomahawk” I was immediately impressed by the great pictures and the dense atmosphere that the pre-pictures and teasers conveyed. Since Mirco had already chosen the European force for himself, I started preparing my Sultanate of Zanzibar for a long expedition to the savannah. So ready […]

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Sir Wennington’s Congo Expedition

This is the start of a blog series about my new love “Congo” a skirmish game by Studio Tomahawk. Originally I absolutely don’t want to start another new game System but… again… I couldn’t resist for long… After buying the beautiful rulebook at the last Crisis Show in Antwerp I decided not only to start […]

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