Event Calendar

Here you will find information and dates about our hobby, in which Stronghold Terrain is involved in some form.

These include fairs and conventions, where we have our own stand, but also tournaments that we organize or support, such as the SAGA Grand Melee.

Events 2020:


Regarding the shows we can only take part of our range for space and transport reasons. Of course we can bring you everything. You just have to make a pre-order.

How it works:

  • Put all the products you want to order into the shopping cart.
  • Selected as shipping in the shopping cart: Local pickup.
  • Add an order note “pickup show…”.
  • Now you can complete the order conveniently.
  • If you prefer to pay on the show, then select “Bank transfer” as the payment method.

2 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Hallo
    Wollte mal nachfragen wie weit ihr mit Mortal Gods auf deutsch seid??
    Macht weiter so
    Grüße aus Heidelberg

    1. Hi Aniello,
      momentan sieht es so aus, als ob eine überarbeitete Version auf englisch in Arbeit ist. Diese wollen wir mit der Übersetzung definitiv abwarten.
      VG Mirco

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