Mongols, Huns or Dothraki


With the release of the “Steppe Warriors”  by Fireforge Games,  I started a new project – a warband of fearless riders of the steppes for SAGA.

In a first step I painted 2 Warriors on foot as a test and was quite pleased with the result – even though warriors on foot are not useful. After realising this, I decieded to use the infantry box manly for the peasants. To distinguish the levies from the warriors I used the different heads supplied, the great plaited shields and spears or langbows as weapons. The longbow and the quiver are conversions.

Some weeks later, with the release of the “Mongol Cavlary” , I  built, converted and finally painted the first 3 riders. I dislike the original heads of the horses and so I replaced them with unarmored heads from the “Mounted men at arms” box by Perry Miniatures. I decieded to add some more fur to the models and use this as a constant theme for my warband.

I choose natural and warm colors with mostly browns and beige color shades for the warriors and a dark green with an off white for the peasants.  The strings of the bows are made of human hair (from my three girls lying all around in our house).

I based the horses on self made elliptical resin bases with cast in coins to make them magnetical. For the first time I applied some floss for aquarium filters to represent dust.

Enough said – further with the pictures:



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  1. Great looking figures. The “dust” looks exceptional in the shots with a background.

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