Viking dragon boat




Some weeks ago I built and painted a “Viking Longboat” for a photoshooting for the german translation of the SAGA rulebook. Today I realised that I haven’t post any pictures of this project and finally found the time to do so.

The model is a plastic kit in the scale 1:50 from the well known company REVEL. The actual model was relative easy to build. I wanted the boat as a waterline model.  To cut its hull at the correct height and plain was a bit tricky. For the gathered sail I used a piece of unstructured paper towel soaked in woodglue.

After priming the model with black from a spray can I carefully drybrushed the wooden structures in different shades of brown. I also used washes from Army Painter to give more depth to the fine wooden surfaces recreated on the model.  As a strong contrast to the mostly brown and beige colors I choosed to do the front figure of the longboat, a kind of stylized dragon head, and some other metal parts in oxidated bronze. On a bronze groundcolor I used dry pigments with pigment fixer. I applied the mixture all over the bronze surface and immediately wiped with a paper towel most of the still wet color away. This was the first time I tryed this technique and I am very satisfied with the result.

In the following gallery you can see some pictures of the vikong boat and I also added some in-terrain-shots we’ve done for the rulebook.



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  1. I already enjoyed the pics in the rulebook and even wanted to buy one for myself despite not having any vikings to go with.

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