The beauty and the beast



Finally I found the time to paint the beautiful miniature of “Raen of Rannoch – Giant Hunter” from AxFaction. The miniature was wonderful sculpted and well cast and it was a lot of fun to paint this nice but expensive resin miniature. I based her on a coin and now I can use her as a single model or in a magnetized recess in the big 50×50 mm base of the half giant.

The half giant is a more than 20 years old miniature Marc Copplestone sculpted for Grenadier. I painted him many years ago and had to repaint some areas, especially the skin, to match the higher painting quality of Raen.

I thought this very special and contrasting two miniatures (old <–> young, pretty <–> ugly,  delicate <–> strudy, well armed and dressed <–> improvised weapons and shabby dressed  …) would give an interesting combination beeing put on one common base.

I placed them as an equivalent of  “four soldiers” in a unit of barbarians with doublehanded weapons for my barbarian army. But I can also take her from the big base and use her as a single model.

I hope you like it


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  1. Excellent work! You’re absolutely right about the combination of these two figures making for a great impression.

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