Preview: Dark Age barn

Dark Age barn,


perhaps you have already spotted this one on Elladans Anglo Dane pictures. Elmar couldn’t hold back and builded this beautiful barn in his Dark Age fever. It will be first available at the CRISIS at the 2. of November in Antwerp.

And I think this is just the first terrain piece in the Dark Age era.


See you in Antwerp! (Yes you still get the 10% discount for advance orders)


Dark Age Barn Preview


6 Gedanken zu „Preview: Dark Age barn

  1. Not my theme, but WOW! If I were playing SAGA I’d be all over this! Beautiful piece of scenery. Good stuff.

  2. Fantastic piece of senery !!!!!

    okok ……bring mi 1 for crisis 2013….. please


  3. Is this item pre-painted and ready like the picture …..if yes send mi a e-mail please whit the price tag for this item …. i will reply sortly after

    It look’s really great !!!!! i pre-order wen i have your mail for crisis 2013

    Cheers Glenn,

    1. Hi Glenn,
      thank you for your positive feedback.
      The Barn comes unpainted. So more hobby fun for you 🙂
      But we will have a step by step painting tutorial online shortly after the Release in November.
      The price of the set will be 31,90€ and we will have a second building in the pipeline.

      Cheers Mirco

  4. sold…. bring mi 1 for crisis please !!!

    Cheers Glenn

  5. Hahahaha …..that building will be painted befor you are home guys

    Cheers Glenn,

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