Saga – 7 points of Anglo-Danes finished


Pictures of my new Anglo-Danes

Over the last months I worked on a warband for SAGA. Like many others I have been infected with the SAGA-virus by Mirco. In only a few month I painted 39 miniatures (7 Points).

I used the shield-designs to visually tie the models and units together. They are handpainted in only two colors with different shapes of crosses. The flag is a very nice decal I found after most of the painting was done.

As a big fan of terrain that I am, I had to build something special for this warband and period. In the background of some pictures you can see my newly built Dark Age Barn and some fences I built some years ago.


Here is a groupshot of the finished Warband:



And here comes a Galerie with pictures of the units:


I hope you like it.



Ein Gedanke zu „Saga – 7 points of Anglo-Danes finished

  1. WoW! That is an amazing terrain and a very nice warband. The barn is absolutely the best currently out there for the dark ages.

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