Preview: first pictures of the new Dark Age Cottage I

Pictures of my second Dark Age building – Dark Age cottage I

The last weeks I worked hard to build my second Dark Age building. I wanted it to be available at the CISIS in Antwerpen in November – and I am happy to achieve this goal.

With all masters and the molds done, I assembled and undercoated the building yesterday. For the thatched roof we will ad some precut fur-pieces.

Here is a pictures with the assembled resin parts:



And here comes a Gallery with pictures of the single parts:

I hope you like it.


2 Gedanken zu „Preview: first pictures of the new Dark Age Cottage I

  1. ok guys….fantastic house ….so bring mi 1 to crisis please …..
    so thats 1x the barn and 1x the cottage …..

    thanks Glenn TSA

  2. What is the discountrate i can aspect on CRISIS …so i can look for some more item’s on your stand at crisis ……

    Thanks Glenn

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