Preview: Water Well


Here is our new Water Well which will be available at CRISIS as a Pre Release. It took me nearly a year (with many other distractions and interuptions) to finish it.
It will be available at our webstore late November.

The last centimeter of the rope comes in drilled copper wire not resin  🙂

At the last picture of the Gallery you can see where I got my inspiration from. The shown Water Well was builded 17. hundred something.

Hope you like it


Water Well Preview

3 Gedanken zu „Preview: Water Well

  1. Hi;
    I want to know if we’ll can buy this beautyfull Water well from the Crisis?!? and how much it will be?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Ced,
      yes we will have some copies of the Water Well as a Pre Release at Crisis. Price will be around 13€.

      Best regards,


  2. Ok so I need 1 🙂

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