Sir Wennington’s Congo Expedition

This is the start of a blog series about my new love “Congo” a skirmish game by Studio Tomahawk.

Originally I absolutely don’t want to start another new game System but… again… I couldn’t resist for long…

After buying the beautiful rulebook at the last Crisis Show in Antwerp I decided not only to start a “White Man’s Expedition” but also to stock the Congo range.

Ruga Rugas
3 Adventurer, 2 Charakters (The Explorer, the Kiragozi)


You can Play Congo in the jungle or the savannah. In Congo you Need tons of Terrain pieces and there is not a single in my collection. I have to start at Zero *jippppieeeh* So I will go for the jungle first and already builded 2 Woods. The Basis is the modular magetized Wood I created for Palm and normal Woods. For the trees I use grown twigs and a lot of plastic Aquarium plants. I think I glued nearly 200 plastic pieces with my hot glue pistol for only 2 Woods!!! I will do a step by step tutorial soon how I build jungle Woods soonish.

Next you see some shots I took with the first bunch of Miniatures I painted. I am more than happy with the Outcome you can nearly hear the jungle sounds and feel the heat.


2 Gedanken zu „Sir Wennington’s Congo Expedition

  1. Wird es eine deutsche Version geben? Das ist immer so der Hemschuh mit meinen 44 Lenzen, ein neues System auf English zu lernen und dann auch noch den Mitspielern zu erklären.

    1. Hallo Thorsten, momentan ist noch nichts Konkretes geplant, aber wer weiß…?

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