SAGA-Mehrspieler-Szenario “Schlacht um Mehrhoog”

Hier findet ihr die Regeln für ein SAGA-Mehrspielerszenario:

SAGA-Mehrspielerszenario – Schlacht um Mehrhoog

Und noch einige bewegte Bilder dazu:


2 Gedanken zu „SAGA-Mehrspieler-Szenario “Schlacht um Mehrhoog”

  1. i always enjoy the articles you post on the site, eventhough my german language skill is minimal.Normally i can understand most of it as the pictures as mostly self explaining.

    I tried to understand the multiplayer rules posted aboven, but i am unsuccesfull, Even with the help of an online translator.
    Are these rules perhaps also somewhere available in english?

    1. Hi Alex,
      sorry for the late answer. I think they will not be translated.

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