SAGA GRand Melee 2016

Grand Melee 2016

Last Weekend we had our second German Grand Melee. We played in a real Saxon Longhouse in Oerlinghausen next to Bielefeld.

It was great. The atmosphere was very friendly, the armies looked great. In the evening we had a barbeque from our meatmaster himself Mr. Schinki.

P1010944 IMG_4244

Michael Martin made a Video about it. Make sure to take a look.

Some impressions:

P1010927 P1010928 P1010930 P1010931 P1020016 P1020019P1020012 P1020009 P1020008 P1020005 P1020004 P1020001 P1010958 P1010955 P1010953 P1010950 IMG_4255 IMG_4251


Burkhard Schulze (Spanier) Ulrich Göppel (Anglodänen) Martin Jakobs (Jomswilinger) Lennart Schmidt (Wikinger) Jan Hendrik Jochens Frank Picolin (Byzantiner) Evelien Peters (Normannen) Dominik Ihrig (Ritterorden)



Best painted: Kim Giets with her beauitiful Steppe Tribes army

IMG_4258 Kim Gietz (Steppenvölker) P1010951 P1020002 P1010957
Beardiest Player: Torsten Dawidonis


1. Place: Andy Lyon (Irish)
2. Place: Jens Karacho (Irish)
3. Place: Harald (Jomsvikings)

All results can be seen here: Results

Many thanks to all People which helped to make this event happen. Martin, Christian, Schinki my parents, my wife to Name just a few.

Many thanks also to Gripping Beast to their generous Tournament Support and Mr. SAGA Alex Buchel who made the Long way from France.


If you like to take a look at the tournament package with some exciting Szenarios you find them here:

SAGA Grand Melee 2016 Tournament Package


See you next year


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