Today we present you something special that is very close to our hearts:
“It is the encounters with people that make life worth living.” (Guy de Maupassant, French writer, 1850 – 1893)
In September 2021, my father and I wanted to set out again to walk the Camino de Santiago – another holy year had dawned. But unfortunately my father passed away suddenly and without warning in July. My father was a rock for me, a calming influence in a hectic world, an advisor and guide, and even though he is no longer here, I always ask myself before every decision, “What would Dad do? And so he still guides and accompanies me today – maybe he can also show you the way.
One of my mother’s lifelong dreams was always to travel to Africa, and luckily my parents still managed to do it. In Tanzania, they became aware of the Kinderhilfe Ostafrika e.V. (, which my father has taken very much to his heart and I would like to continue to support.
From every set you buy, we donate 5€ to Kinderhilfe Ostafrika e.V. and help to give children in Tanzania a better future.
In loving memory of my father Josef Schneider (*23.04.1960 – 20.07.2021)
Max Schneider
Design von Reconquer Designs, Bemalung Jean Peinture

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