Heerschau 2021 – New armies are needed

After the overwhelming success of the 2020 Heerschau, we naturally want to hold another one next year.

What is the Army Show about? The aim is to build an army for SAGA and Muskets & Tomahawks together with you over the next six months. Anyone can join in and the aim is to complete a new army within 6 months.

Here you can see some of the 2020 projects

We think the beginning of the year is a great time for this: New year – new army.

  • Besides, who knows how many Corona-related months of home office still lie ahead of us.
  • At SAGA, we are currently working on the next expansion, Hannibal’s Era, which gives us a lot of room for new armies. Furthermore, the revised version of the Era of Invasions (Aetius & Arthur) is scheduled for 2021.
  • Muskets & Tomahawks has just been released and the army size with about 40 miniatures at 400 points is very similar to a SAGA army.

Every month we give a theme such as a point Hearthguard or a unit warriors.

With Muskets & Tomahawks, it’s just any unit (not a single officer), because the choices are too different.

Even if you don’t want to build a new army it’s a good opportunity to upgrade existing armies.  One month a point of veterans here, the next a unit of peasants there and so on.

Everyone who wants to take part then has one calendar month to complete it.

In January, SAGA starts with one point Hearthguard.

For additional motivation besides a painted army, there are 2 things in store for you:

  1. If you manage to complete all 6 monthly tasks in July, you will receive a 20% voucher code that can be used for a purchase at Stronghold Terrain (excluding products that have already been reduced). If you join us later, you can make up for any missed monthly tasks.
  2. Each month we will raffle off 3 Stronghold miniatures (SAGA, DMH, M&T Collectibles) of your choice.

What do you have to do?

Please keep to this. At the last Heerschau I spent hours searching for pictures on various channels.

So, now the brush is sharpened, miniatures prepared and off we go.

Like last year, I will jump back and forth between different projects. My Continantals for Muskets & Tomahawks still need a few units, as do my Late Romans and I’ve always wanted an army of Skraelingers for SAGA …

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