Dungeon: Oblivion Starter Set

From now on we are the official distributor for the dungeon system of Maki Games for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Modular Underground Project is much more than a simple three dimensional dungeon. It is a modular set to assemble the most realistic dungeon in the market. Modular Underground Project is the first modular plastic dungeon with details as good as those of resin terrain!

It is perfect for role-players or tabletops like Frostgrave. Furthermore, it is also very well suited to various board games like Zombicide (see pictures) etc. to play in 3D.

More and different sets like a Sewer Expansion will follow

It is an extremely modular system.

  • The base plates are 10 x 10 x 1 cm in size and can be connected quickly and safely with the help of the enclosed bone-shaped connectors.
  • The wall elements are versatile because they have different gate valves, such as fully functioning doors, portcullis and closed walls. If you leave the insert, an open arch element is created.
  • The wall elements are connected by enclosed plug-in pins with the floor elements.
  • Alternatively, a magnetization of all parts with 3 x 3 x 3 mm block magnets is possible. These are not included.
  • This flexible system can also create towers or dungeons with multiple floors, etc.
  • Suitable for miniatures in the scale 25-34mm.
  • Compatible with many other dungeon systems such as Dwarven Forge.





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