Dungeon Saga: First painted miniatures

Hello everybody.

Next to all kind of SAGA stuff I am very exited about Dungeon stuff. I am working on my own Dungeon project (mostly Dwarven Forge) for more than a year.



I backed Dungeon Saga a Dungeon Crawler from Mantic Games a year ago on Kickstarter. I know Ronnie Renton the big Mantic Boss nearly 20 years from our time at GW. We see us 2-3 times a year at Tabletop Conventions. At the last Crisis in Antwerp be talked a lot about Dungeon Saga and I offered him to paint some of the Dungeon Saga miniatures to take some pictures of them together with my Dungeon.
Some weeks ago I received some Dungeon Saga samples (final production miniatures) from Ronnie. Here is the first bunch. Next time I will hopefully show you some pictures of my Dungeon.

The miniatures are fantastic and absolut fun to paint.


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