Aetius & Arthur: Limes Kampaign (Announcement)

SAGA Limes Campain: The fate of Pago Novae Spes

In my opinion, campaigns (at least those that are also successfully completed ?) in tabletop always something very special. Christian and I dare to approach the topic. We will reenact the Limes campaign from the SAGA expansion book Aetius & Arthur.

The focus is on the conflict over a garrison in the borderland of Britain in the immediate vicinity of Hadrianswall at the time of the barbarian invasions. Christian plays Picts and I have decided for an army of Late Romans. Here is a small preview of our armies to hopefully make you a little hot on the upcoming campaign reports. More details on the background and the course of the campaign will follow soon.

Christian’s Picts:
Miniatures are from Warlord Games, the Chariot is from Footsore Miniatures
My Late Romans:

Most miniatures are from the wonderful range of Footsore Miniatures and the Warlord is from Gripping Beast.

See you,
yours Mirco

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