And so, another Heerschau draws to a close.

We have received about 500!!! contributions from you over the entire 6-month period. contributions from you, which corresponds to about 3000!!! painted miniatures, and that doesn’t include the 75,8533 from Christian König 🙂


About 70 of you have completed the Heerschau and should already have received the 20% discount code for our shop.

If we have forgotten anyone again, please contact us.

Many others have followed the Heerschau for at least some distance and clearly every painted miniature counts.

For the next Heerschau, the process has to be even better. Despite email filters and the grazing of Facebook messages, various entries slip through every month, which can be frustrating, especially for those concerned, but even we are not perfect.

So what’s next?

I hope a relaxing holiday season for us all. And the painted armies finally want to be led into battle. The current Corona situation seems to allow this at least until autumn, so get to the table.

We would be happy to see photos of your battles.

Enough scribbling, here come your contributions:

And here are some more monthly contributions from June:

With this in mind, I’m finally saying goodbye to the holidays.

Stay healthy!


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