The Necormancer & Skeleton (2)


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The Necormancer & Skeleton (34mm)

Yes, I was once faithful. Or, I suppose, appeared so.

Then I died, and knew where I was.  There was everything and yet it counted as nothing. And I was instantly aware of it, it did not change. That was cruelty Dread, like none could imagine, that for all eternity this state of longing for and not obtaining. Eternal unfulfillment gripped me with stone hands… I did not deserve that, no matter the mistakes I made.  Now I understand hate. I could do no better than what I did with such temptation around me, it was not my fault, and yet I was punished with such cruelty

The ruler of this world has offered me a bargain and now our desires align. And so I broke free, with his help, and I am back, and now I will do his bidding. Seeking pleasure is only natural, and withholding it is unfair. Now I have all the time in the world and it is all waiting for me.

As for you, I have given you another chance, and the absolute freedom to chase your desires wherever they drive you, but first you will serve me. 

As for Him, I will break His children and upon them despair shall reign.


Stronghold Terrain prints these miniatures as an official licensee of Reconquer Designs.

The miniatures are made for you from high quality resin using the UV curing process. Please note that you should always have suitable work utensils, such as gloves, protective mask etc., at hand when working on resin figures.

We also recommend not to expose untreated models to permanent sunlight and recommend at least a primer.

The resin miniatures are cleaned by us after production and hardened in UV light. We remove the supports that are necessary for the production, but it can happen that resin miniatures have to be reworked.

The miniatures have to be assembled and are delivered unpainted.

You will need super glue to glue resin.

Bases are not included

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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