Skin 18 ml – Game Ink

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Inks are transparent colours with a high pigment concentration. They flow into depressions and can be used perfectly to show shadows, darken and emphasise deeper surfaces or to modify colour tones. The satin finish shows its best effect especially on metallic surfaces. Inks can be mixed with all acrylic paints and mediums.

Application: Apply with a brush, can also be used with an airbrush.

The new plastic bottle made of r-PET (recycled/recyclable) is completely transparent, improves colour visualisation and reinforces Acrylicos Vallejo’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. The new cap comes with a safety seal.

Game Color is manufactured according to European regulations and complies with ASTM D-4236, an independent certification that guarantees that no harmful substances are used that could pose a risk to the user’s health and the environment.

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