May is behind us and this year’s Heerschau is coming to an end.

We still have one month to bring it to a successful conclusion.

As a reminder, anyone who completes a total of 6 monthly tasks (not necessarily per month) has successfully completed the Heerschau. As a reward (if at all necessary after a successful hobby project), each of you will receive a 20% voucher code. It is valid for one purchase and will be applied to all products that are not already discounted.

So you can make up for months you’ve missed.



For June we need a group picture from you, all your monthly results including the June task.


The 3 random winners are:

  • Alexander Kummert
  • Marcus Folz
  • Tristan

We will soon send you a voucher code that can be used for our SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks or Dead Man’s Hand Collectibles and also includes free shipping.


You guys sent us a lot of great entries this month too. Enjoy!


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