After the overwhelming success of the 2021 Heerschau, we naturally want to hold another one this year.

What is the Heerschau about? The aim is to work with you over the next six months to create an army building project for SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks and Dead Man’s Hand. Anyone can join in and the aim is to have a new army ready within 6 months.

Here you can see some of the 2021 projects

We think the beginning of the year is a great time for this: New Year – New Army.

  • Besides, who knows how many Corona-related months of home office still lie ahead of us.
  • At SAGA, we are currently working on the next expansion, Era of Invasions, which gives us a lot of room for new armies.
  • For Muskets & Tomahawks, the Napoleonic expansion Shakos & Bayonets is quite new.
  • This year we will also extend the army show to Dead Man’s Hand. You don’t necessarily need 40+ miniatures here, but on the one hand almost everyone has 2-3 gangs and on the other hand the game lives from the terrain of a western city, so we will also add terrain projects as a monthly task.

You are also not limited to a particular army or game system.

  • It’s more about advancing projects, clearing the mountain of shame and getting something ready to play.
  • So you can paint a DMH gang of outlaws one month, finish a unit of Highlanders for your Napoleonic Britons the next, and paint 12 archers for your Normans the third month.
  • On the other hand, I always find it very satisfying to fully complete a new army over a few months (if there is such a thing).
  • The choice is yours!

Unlike last year, this year we will not be setting monthly tasks.

  • So you are free to bring on your personal project in the way you like to.
  • Nevertheless, one sub-project must be completed per calendar month:
    • SAGA: 1 point plus one warlord, if applicable.
    • Muskets & Tomahawks: 1 playable unit plus an officer if applicable
    • Dead Man’s Hand: 1 gang (reputation 21), 1 building (there should be room for a gang in it), 5 pieces of small cover (stacks of crates, cacti, carriage, …) or similarly elaborate sub-projects such as civilians, rogues, etc.

Everyone who wants to participate has one calendar month to complete the project.

  • We also know that something can always come up.
  • You have the possibility, if you are running short of time, to submit a monthly task that you have not completed in the following month.
  • Of course, this is in addition to the regular monthly task.

For additional motivation besides the completion of your hobby project, there are 2 additional motivational aids.

  • Each of you who manages to complete all 6 monthly tasks will receive a 20% voucher code in July, which can be used for a purchase at Stronghold Terrain (excluded from this are already reduced products).
  • If you join us later, you can make up for missed monthly tasks by arrangement. The voucher is valid until the end of September 2022.
  • Each month, we will raffle off 3 individual Stronghold miniatures (SAGA, DMH, M&T Collectibles) of your choice among all those who complete the monthly task.

What do you have to do?

Please stick to this. At the last Heerschau I spent hours searching for pictures on various channels.

So, now the brush is sharpened, miniatures prepared and off we go.

I personally want to use this year’s Army Show to make progress on several fronts.

  • My Americans for M&T urgently need militia and a cannon.
  • For SAGA, I still have 12 pawns waiting for my Heathen Rus and one or two armies for Era of Invasions (Romans and British) also want some reinforcements.
  • For DMH, I really want to build one or two new terrain pieces.

So many possibilities.



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