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12 Spears

We have been thinking for a long time about the tiresome topic of spears in 28mm miniatures. There are different approaches with different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cast pewter spears – look realistic, but are often clunky and bend easily.
  • Steel spears with hammered and ground spearheads – are stable, but the spearhead is not very realistic and rather unsightly, and they regularly get painfully stuck in the fingers.
  • Plastic spears – are realistically designed, but break very easily or are unrealistically thick.

Our approach combines the advantages of an attractive realistic design of a cast white metal spearhead with the durability of an iron pin spear shaft.

Included are 12 spears

  • 12 spearheads with 6 different designs (randomly selected from the 6 designs)
  • 4 x approx. 9 cm black iron pins with a diameter of 1mm


  1. Cut spear shafts to the desired length. We recommend using a side cutter.
  2. File the ends of the spear shafts smooth.
  3. Using a 1mm drill or cutter, drill the already existing hollows at the spear tips a little deeper.
  4. Glue the spears together with super glue.
  5. Using a file, file the connection between the spear tip and the spear shaft a little slimmer if desired.

On the second picture are some examples where the spears are used.

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