50 mm Magnetic Bases (2)


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2 Metal Bases with 4 Neodym Magnets and 84 round stickers.

Perfect for  SAGA.

Size: 50 mm, height 1 mm

Miniature not included.

Compared with Plastic Bases these Bases have several Advantages:

  • Especially Plastic Models have a far better stability and don’t fall over easily.
  • You don’t need a figure case with foam inlays just a metal case (cooky box) or a metal board.
  • Easier to hold your miniature when you paint it because you just need something in metal to put your miniature on.


  • Place a white sticker on the round hole of the Base
  • Use Super Glue to glue the Magnet under the Base
  • Let it dry with the Magnet to the top.
  • We use a putty called Molto Allesspachtel (it stays kind of flexible after drying) to prepare the base  because it sticks quite good on the metal.
  • Base side: Paint the base side with a mix of PVA-Glue and paint (1:1). So the paint stays flexible and doesn’ chips off too easiliy.

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