3 more Huns/Mongols painted and a warlord converted


I finally finished painting of the next 3 Riders of the Steppes. Again I enjoyed painting the horses very much. With 6 riders painted I have to do 2 more to finish my first point for this new SAGA warband.



Between the painting of the horses and the riders I’ve got disturbed by the task of searching and converting a model for my warlord. After a fruitless search for a suitable model in the internet  I decieded to convert one from an asian miniature. In my “mountain of lead” I found a fantastic looking horse and a promising lightly armored bowman, both from the “Clan Wars” miniature line (Legend of the five rings by AEG). The bowman was a foot soldier but it wasn’t too difficult to adjust him to the horse. I further had to convert the asian sandals to boots and the helmet by adding some fur and making him pointed. After much consideration I decieded to add a bird of pray to his left hand/arm. All in all I am very pleased with the result so far. I am very tempted to start painting him at once but I will force myself to do the 2 missing riders first.

In the following gallerie you can find pictures of the painted riders and the converted warlord.

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  1. Great work on all of them! Your skill with the sculpting tools is just amazing. Well… ok, it’s some kind of profession but nonetheless.

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