Hello everyone,

and so quickly a month of life goes by.

But at least we have all been busy.

In total, we received over 100 contributions (okay, okay King Christian definitely earned himself a hardworking card with his 10! points SAGA definitely deserves a hard-working card).

Wow, and just the range SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks & Dead Man’s Hand is really inspiring.

If you haven’t finished or want to join us, it’s no problem at all, as we will accept your entries (with a good excuse *cough*) even after the fact. HERE you will find the guidelines for participating in the Heerschau.

The randomly drawn 3 winners of one Stronghold Collectibles miniature each (SAGA, Dead Man’s Hand, Muskets & Tomahawks) of your choice are:

  • Graf Dirkula
  • Stefan Wertheimer
  • Jan Kalender

Please get in touch with us by email or Facebook Messenger.


And now for glory. The January results:

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