SAGA Heerschau 2019: January results

Honor to whom honor is due.

After some challenges at the beginning of the vote, even the IPEA (Independent Pagan Electoral Authority) had to intervene, in the end 377 (adjusted) SAGAians voted.

The Winners are:

  1. Platz: Simon Mac Ready (143 votes)
  2. Max Andresson (56 votes)
  3. Evelien Peeters (36 Svotes)

All three can look forward to a Stronghold Collectibles figure of their choice.

13 – Simon Mac Ready
07 – Max Andresson
14 – Evelien Peeters


SAGA Heerschau 2019: February

And on it goes. After the painted last unit is before the next.

The February task is: One point warrior or a mercenary unit, which count as warriors like the shield maidens.

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