First preview for the RPC in Köln


In less than 3 weeks starts the RPC (RolePlayingConvention) in Köln (Messehallen Deutz). Once again we will have a stand in the Tabletop-Area and we intend to show and sell some new releases. The first new releases are 5 different sets of lasercut chairs.




They are suitable for 28 – 32 mm miniatures and come in sets of 2 identical chairs each. The price on the RPC will be 1,90 EUR for a set and so a single chair is cheaper than 1 EUR.


For a closer lock and some pictures with a 28mm Miniature (German Grenadier from BTD) see the following pictures:


DSCN3619      DSCN3634


DSCN3621      DSCN3635


DSCN3623      DSCN3636


DSCN3625      DSCN3637


DSCN3627      DSCN3638






DSCN3620  DSCN3622   DSCN3624


DSCN3626  DSCN3629


This is a kind of a test if small objects like this chairs, that add a lot of character and detail to every battlefield or diorama, can be sold. If yes – I have a lot of idears for other furniture or accessoirs to come in the future.


I hope you like it and please stay tuned for more infos of comming new releases.



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