HEERSCHAU 2021 – January results

Hello together,

Here we present your January entries for the 2021 Heerschau.

We are totally overwhelmed!!! We have received more than 120 entries.


The 3 randomly drawn winners of a Stronghold Collectibles miniature (SAGA, Dead Man’s Hand, Muskets & Tomahawks) of your choice are:

  • Ingo Radler
  • Erik Blutaxt
  • Tony Scarletta

Please contact us by mail or Facebook Messenger


The SAGA task for February is:

Paint 1 point warriors or a monster (Age of Magic) or a war elephant….


If you have only just found out about the Army Show or simply haven’t had time to paint yet, this is no problem at all.

You can join in at any time, because every painted unit counts.


Have fun painting in February,


If you are wondering what the Heerschau is, follow the link:

Heerschau 2021- Neue Armeen braucht das Land

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