SAGA German Grand Melee 2018 report

It was great.

  • The atmosphere was very friendly
  • It was very international. We had Players from England, France and Spain. One guy even coame from New Zealand!
  • The Quality of the painted armies was amazing and even higher than in the last years.
  • The Location in Mülheim an der Ruhr was perfect.
  • Franz with his smoker barbeque was so f***g good.

Enough words tak a look:


The warbands:






Best painted warband:

  1. Greg Licitri – Irish
  2. Julie Plages – Pagan Rus
  3. Christian Lemmen – Norse Gaels & Daniel Schwieder – The last Romans



Beardiest Player:

Markus Lanzinger

Berserker of the year: (Total number of killed enemy warlords and your own)

Max Schneider (Managed to kill 7 warlords including his own) I am sure he will have a Special place in Valhalla


Best players:

  1. Christophe Sciangula – Welsh
  2. Egon Grainer – Breton
  3. Andrew Hanlon – Norman


Many thanks to:

  • my family
  • Jens Wiese
  • Tim Lohmann
  • Franz Sander
  • Gripping Beast
  • Footsore Miniatures
  • Ainstry Casting
  • Wargames Foundry
  • and Studio Tomahawk


See you next year!


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