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Brushes for painting miniatures

The art form of miniature painting is becoming increasingly popular. Just like the standards, the need for materials that meet the high demands of artists is also increasing. The German brush manufacturer Leonhardy works closely with one of the best painters in the world, Rune Kappel, to create a brush that is perfect for painting miniatures. Leonhardy Vereinigte Pinselfabriken has more than 110 years of experience in the production of brushes and together with a long testing phase with Rune Kappel a series of special brushes could finally be developed.

The Kappel Series consists of 5 brushes, made by experts from the finest Kolinsky marten hair. The very fine tip and the strong brush hair allow perfect control. Furthermore, the brush picks up a lot of paint and still allows good control over the paint application. The five brushes are: The Fine Details Brush, The Handy Work Brush, The Allround Job Brush, The Big Stuff Brush and The Drybrusher.

We went through a lot of testing and development until we were finally satisfied with these brushes. The first brushes specially designed by miniature painters for miniature painters.


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