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A member of the royal house of Kush and trained from birth to be both leader and warrior, a Kushite Prince commands both loyalty and respect from his companions.  According to Herodotus, the Kushites did not pay tribute to Persia. Instead, they sent precious gifts to the Persian king, including gold, ebony and elephant tusks, and chose to fight for him.

The Kushites had achieved renown and their enemies feared the losses they would take if they faced them. The Greeks respected their military bravery and prowess after hearing stories of their royal warriors, especially their Kandake warrior Queens and recruited them as mercenaries.

Wrapped in the skins of lions and leopards and with bodies daubed in both vermilion made from the powdered mineral cinnabar and white made from chalk powder, these warriors were a frightening sight to behold.

Pack contains a Mortal Gods Miniature. Made from metal and supplied with a round MDF base. May require assembly.

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