Summer Viking 2014


What a great weekend. Again!



With 35C the hottest weekend this year so far!

I builded 8 SAGA Gaming tables with the help of 2 friends. We tried out a new Gaming Mat technique developed by Don Voss. Perhaps I will write a Tutorial in the future.


A weekend of Open Air Tabletop. 20 friens showed up. I ran a 12 mens SAGA-Tournament. After 3 rounds Tim Lohmann (the good looking guy on the right) himself won the Tournament with his Anglo Danes.

2014-07-19 11.49.53

We played a lot of SAGA Games, Dead Man’s Hand, the new Studio Tomahawk Game Jugula (Gladiator Fights), X-Wing, Dread Ball and in time for the 25th Anniversary a Game of Heroquest with my nearly finished 3D Dungeon from Dwarvenforge.


Thanks to all who made this event to such a great weekend!!!

Some impressions:



See you next Year!


Mirco alias Melvey Brandson


2 thoughts on “Summer Viking 2014

  1. Ein tolles Wochenende mit entspannten Spielern und aufmerksamen Gastgebern !!! Jederzeit gerne wieder….

  2. […] brauchbare Lösung, nämlich Spielfeldrahmen, auf die die Matten gelegt werden können. Auf dem Summer Viking 2014 von Mirco von Stronghold Terrain habe ich seine praktischen Spielfeldrahmen plus […]

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