SAGA with a twist

Once again, it’s high time for a game or two of SAGA.

Christian and I have come up with something special.

The game will be played in the Age of the Vikings. We secretly put together the opponent’s army, which he then has to play with. That means you don’t know which faction, composition and equipment you will lead into battle.

In addition, we have agreed that the army must contain both a mercenary unit and a legendary unit.

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Innenbereich

But even this is not all there is to it. Playing time is always precious. For this reason, I got myself a fancy analogue chess clock. It will be used for the first time this evening. Each player has a total of one hour for his moves. The chess clock is only stopped if there is a melee, because then both players are involved.

If a player’s time runs out before the end of the game, he can no longer intervene in the game. I think, however, that 10 minutes per move should be enough as a rule.

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Armbanduhr
What do you think of the chess clock thing and our secret army choice game mode?

And what army composition can you think of?


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